A consulting and research firm Sino-Algero-German, Consultant in industrial and tourist investment, designed for this purpose, to meet your expectations aspirations in the field of activities of your choice, to invest in Algeria . The head office of the company INVEST DESIGN CONSULTING is located in ALGER - Bab-Ezzouar business district par excellence 5 minutes from the airport. INVEST DESIGN CONSULTING has a partner structure Algerians, Germans, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish and French. We speak 10 languages ​​to facilitate the investment of foreigners in Algeria. The partners of INVEST DESIGN CONSULTING enjoy a rich and varied experience capital, as well in Germany as in China, Turkey, Spain, Italy and France.


As a consulting firm and multidisciplinary investment studies, we advise you and guide you on the type of industrial and tourist investment projects that meet your profiles, skills and aspiration, Assistance from A to Z for the realization of your plants, your industrial projects land acquisition and investment in aqua parks, amusement parks, shopping centers and hotels. Give you the opportunity to choose the best niche, create Jobs, Wealth and Plus-Value. Assist you and Accompany you for the realization of your projects your demand (Industrial Investments in Small and Medium Enterprises: SME / SMI), either from the phase of maturation of the project to its realization by acting as federator for the diversification of the Industrial investment in Algeria.

  1. The development of a Business-Plan / Technico-Economic Studies, Predictive study for Credit with a bank,
    Market Research ...
  2. The research and the provision of the best suppliers for the purchase / acquisition of equipment,
    industrial machinery, production lines and equipment and the necessary raw materials, turnkey
    production plant.

  3. The research and the provision of a qualified Algerian or foreign staff, for the start of your investment projects (turnkey with assembly and training of the staff on the operation of the machines).
  4. Consulting in marketing and communication, looking for national customers (local market) and international (foreign market) for products for export.
  5. Take all necessary and necessary steps with the various organizations concerned: CALPIREF - ANDI - BANKS - ANSEJ - CNAC and ...
  6. The search for partners and foreign investors for the creation of projects in partnership association on the basis of the law 51/49% Win-Win. Welcome to foreign investors in Algeria.
  7. You are directed to the creation of a website: SEO and Google AdWords to ensure wide communication / advertising of your products, based on an appropriate marketing strategy at national and international level.